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Stop focusing on creating a strategy for your data. Let our teams help you forge a whole new business strategy that takes the burden of tech choices off your shoulders and puts data right at the heart.

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Free yourself from silos, wasted costs, poor performance or non-compliance. Say goodbye to complex or inward-looking data functions and hello to data management that makes life seamless for your users, operators and stakeholders.

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Whether your goal is data-driven digital, analytics or performance transformation, we bring diagnostic and design expertise to help you craft a compelling, aligned data strategy that all your stakeholders can get behind.

Use data to nail your strategic business goals faster

Strike the perfect balance between people, process, governance and tech

Craft a compelling, valuable story to and drive a strong data management culture

Get smart to co-create cross-business and bring everyone on the journey

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Strategy case studies

Welcome to our Data Strategy Case Studies Showcase, where we’re excited to share some of the success stories of how our data-driven strategies have made a positive impact. These real-world examples highlight how our tailored solutions have tackled challenges and delivered tangible business benefits to our clients by improving efficiency, enhancing customer experiences, and boosting overall business competitiveness.

Evolving the next generation of analytics capabilities with Parcel2Go

Evolving the next generation of analytics capabilities with Parcel2Go

The starting point – ‘where are we?’ By modern standards, Parcel2Go had already achieved a great deal but was still keen to build on its foundation of past success and look to the future. Parcel2Go invited Oakland to help chart their next phase of data-driven growth, starting with a comprehensive ‘Data Capability Assessment’ and data…

Executing a Data Strategy for Yorkshire Water

Executing a Data Strategy for Yorkshire Water

Mapping out the Data Strategy Oakland started by helping Yorkshire Water with an early series of data strategy workshops. The goal of these workshops was to review the current business and operational objectives that Yorkshire Water was keen to address, then map these aspirations against possible directions for exploiting their data in the future. Working…

UK Power Networks

UK Power Networks

UK Power Networks (UKPN) had the ambition to become a truly data-centric utility where data was treated as an essential business asset. While many in the business acknowledged the importance of data, there was no consistent view of how to create a true data culture.

Designing a Data Strategy and Roadmap for RAW Charging

Designing a Data Strategy and Roadmap for RAW Charging

RAW Charging is perfectly positioned within the fast-growing market of vehicle charging solutions for the hospitality, retail and leisure sectors. Investors also recognised these are exciting times for RAW with their high-growth ambitions. Antin Infrastructure Partners came on board through a successful capital fundraise that will support a £250 million electric vehicle (“EV”) installation plan…