Oakland Group

Quality over quantity

When you’ve got strong, compelling data, you’ll understand performance trends faster and make better, more informed decisions – as long as your people can understand, access and trust it

Data analytics for outcomes

That’s where our Analytics and Insight offer comes in. We’ll help you iron out your analytics,
democratise your data and tap into the technology you need for tactical, strategic output.

Backed by next level tech

It doesn’t stop there. We’ll underpin everything with machine learning and artificial
intelligence, so you can share data across your organisation.

Data Analytics and Insight from Oakland will help you:

Measure performance against your objectives and stay on track

Get the future insight you need to make those big value decisions

Save time and money with focused, compelling data visualisations

Sharing data more consistently to bring all your people on the journey

Boost value and improve customer outcomes through the power of automation

Data analytics and insights implementation

Data analytics and insights enablement

Data analytics and insights exploration

Analytics case studies

Here at Oakland, we’re passionate about sharing our expertise in all things analytics. Explore our insights to discover a wealth of valuable information. Stay tuned for fresh content — we’re always excited to bring you the latest updates!