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Artificial Intelligence

Get your data talking

Is your valuable insight trapped in unstructured data that’s too expensive or time-consuming to analyse? Imagine if your dormant data could speak – what would it tell you? Until recently, that was just a dream. Now, we can make it a reality with the latest generation of AI solutions.

Take AI to the heart of your business with Intelligent Agents

It’s time to think beyond chatbots. How many problems can be solved just with Q&A? If you want to get the best from AI, you need to build solutions that can do more. 

At Oakland, this is what we do. We use 40 years of hard-won experience to build solutions that stick. 

Plan your journey to an intelligent future

The opportunities with AI are huge if you get it right.  But where do you start? Picking the right use cases is critical, but successful AI adoption is about so much more. It cuts across the whole organisation and it’s a journey that needs careful planning. Whether you’re just getting started or ready to scale, hands-on, expert advice will make all the difference.  

Bring powerful AI tools to bear on your toughest problems

Rapidly develop new solutions from pre-built components in our Intelligent Agent Framework

Keep control of your costs and keep your data secure

Create customisable, ‘process-native’ AI solutions that deliver long term ROI

Create momentum for the next stage in your AI journey

AI-Powered Solutions

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