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Get on top of your data

A data platform is what manages your data. It’s made up of tools for acquisition, storage, organisation, security, accessibility, analysis and consumption – designed to take care of manual data tasks and decisions, so you can concentrate on the bigger picture.

Do you need a data platform?

Your organisation needs data to grow and thrive. That’s why our enterprise scale data platforms are based on your strategy and built to send your pipeline and productivity soaring.

Expert data platform engineering

It doesn’t stop there. Our team will work by your side to make sure your data platform is scalable, and that you’ve got everything you need to expand it for future growth.

How does Oakland build data platforms?
We keep risks low by delivering a series of smaller projects to get things moving, while taking care of larger developments to level up your data flow and quality.

Your Oakland-built data platform will help you:

Max out efficiency and keep costs low, with infrastructure that’s just right

Scale for the future flexibly and accurately – whether it’s in the cloud or on-premises

Make informed decisions about tooling with our honest, solution agnostic advice

Accelerate rapidly and tactically while you put foundational data capabilities in place

Data platform capability assessment

Data platform accelerator

Data platform engineering as a service

The Data Platform Journal

By our very own Jake Watson

This is a friendly, informed place to talk about the people, processes and technology to build Data Platforms, which require many processes, roles and technologies to work together seamlessly to be successful.

We’ll cover articles, podcasts and videos in Data Engineering, Analytics Engineering, DataOps, Cloud Engineering for Data and sprinkle of Data Governance, Data Analytics, Data Science and Data Strategy where it applies to Data Platforms.

We’ll produce a new issue every other Monday/Tuesday with an extra article on How to Build a Data Platform being published every Wednesday/Thursday every 1 to 3 weeks.

Check it out

Platform case studies

Welcome to our Platform and Engineering Case Studies Showcase, where we’re excited to share some of the success stories of how our data platforms have driven innovation and improved business decision making by preparing data for reporting and insights.