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Go beyond the platform

Flashy tools might make data look cool, but without clear principles and rules in place, they won’t do much for accuracy, efficiency or effectiveness. That’s where our Data Governance offer comes in.

Make your data count

Data is only valuable when it’s managed and used consistently and compliantly. Get that right, and you’ll lower regulatory risk, boost data literacy and enhance data quality and accountability too.

The Lighthouse Method

By using a series of smaller projects that get those quick wins in the bag, we’ll help you implement data governance in stealth mode – perfect for getting leadership buy-in and returns with maximum speed and minimum hassle.

Data Governance with Oakland will help you.

Control your data generation to get quality and outcomes you can count on

Back your most valuable decisions and make meaningful improvements

Assign clear data ownership to spread workload and boost quality

Set the right standards for trustworthy measurement

Keep internal and external risk levels at an all-time low

Data Quality Assessment

Data maturity

Data ownership design

Governance case studies

Here at Oakland, we’re passionate about sharing our expertise in all things data governance. Explore our insights to discover a wealth of valuable information. Stay tuned for fresh content—we’re always excited to bring you the latest updates!