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The future of data is exciting, interesting and innovative and keeping on top of these insights is key for us at Oakland. We love reading the latest news on data strategy, governance, Generative AI, Platform Engineering and more.

Explore the latest news, resources and case studies from the Oakland team.


We do ‘content’ differently here at Oakland. All of our guides are written by subject matter experts because they understand both the business and technology challenges that come with digital transformation.

They are in-depth and offer practical, valuable advice.


Case studies

We work with a large number of different sectors here at Oakland delivering ‘everything data’.

Our case studies give us the opportunity to talk about our solutions in detail offering practical and real-world context. So you can understand how we work.



Our blogs are designed to uncover innovative solutions, best practices, and the latest advancements in tech. Plus they are always written by our experts (not ChatGPT)

Here is the place where expertise meets curiosity!



If you’d prefer to watch your content this is where you will find our latest videos.

We have some amazing experts who help make the technical more accessible, and give you practical and useful information.



If you’ve been asked to launch, support, or accelerate some form of data governance initiative, this podcast is for you.

In the series, we talk to Data Governance Experts who are able to look into the rearview mirror and spot those key activities that hold the key to success.