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Practices for the Fact-Based Thinker

Basing your decisions on data alone just isn’t good enough

We live in an age of great upheaval.  Leaders are required to make decisions under extreme uncertainty and change.  Solutions to problems have become more complex and must be found quicker with a greater array of stakeholders to involve and persuade.  If quality professionals are to become highly valued members of their organisations they must help their leaders address these fundamental challenges.

This can be done by establishing a solid foundation of decision-making based on fact and performance for every business issue. However, simply making decisions based on data alone is not enough.  It is an important balancing act with the emotional and political forces at work; empathising with the pressures that senior leaders are under to deliver financial objectives and helping the organisation handle the demands of conflicting objectives and targets.

How to add real value to your business – our four essential practices

  1. Relate data and information to the language of the business and the issues stakeholders are facing
  2. Create a culture of constructive scepticism, persistently questioning and challenging the status quo
  3. Establish fact-based thinking across the whole organisation to improve decision-making
  4. Continually raise the performance bar, keep score and communicate success