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Data Strategy Guide

Looking to understand how to create a data strategy? Discover the essential steps to create a robust data strategy that places data at the heart of your organisation’s future.

This comprehensive guide will help you establish the structure you need to develop a business data-led strategy.

Download our guide to learn why having a data strategy is important and how it can significantly impact your organisation. To understand how Oakland can help you implement a data strategy, look at our data strategy services.

The Data Strategy Challenge

We know a thing or two about creating successful data strategies at Oakland. Drawing on our decades of expertise, we’ve honed a practical and successful approach to creating and implementing a data strategy that puts data at the heart of your organisation’s future.

Your data strategy should set the vision, detailed strategy, and roadmap to explain how your organisation will use its data and analytics to realise your business objectives.

A data strategy that is done properly will unite data-driven activity behind a clear set of business-aligned goals with a compelling vision and case for change to drive engagement and adoption.

How can Oakland help with your data strategy?

Oakland has successfully planned, delivered, and implemented data strategies for some of the most complex data landscapes in the UK.To find out more, take a look at our guides.

What is included in the guide?

Part 1: What is a data strategy?

Part 2: Do we need a data strategy?

Part 3: What not to do

Part 4: A better way

Part 5: What should be in your data strategy?

Part 6: How to phase your data strategy?

Part 7: What challenges might you face?

Part 8: How can Oakland help?

Part 9: Client Stories

Part 10: Final words of advice

Unlocking your data future.

Wherever you are on your data journey, Oakland can help you take the next step. We offer a range of customisable services which span the entire data strategy lifecycle.

A good data strategy is really about explaining how data can play a key role in achieving your organisation’s business strategy and what changes, investments, and capabilities are required to make that happen. From our experience, every project is completely unique and challenging.

For practical advice on creating or refreshing a data strategy for your organisation, download our ultimate guide below.

Working with Oakland has been as easy as working with a friend, and as comfortable as working with a mentor; but as valuable as working with a seasoned professional.

Tiana Chan, Business Intelligence Lead, Elvie

Download our guide

Download our ultimate guide and learn how to improve your business performance and make smarter decisions.

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