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Your Guide to a Successful Data Platform

Cloud-native platforms are an essential tool to help accelerate the execution of enterprises’ digitalisation plans.

Learn how data-enabled organisations such as Network Rail, Yorkshire Water, and Income Analytics have embraced our data platform strategies and solutions to drive stakeholder and customer satisfaction.

The Data Platform Challenge

Oakland knows a thing or two about creating successful data platforms. Having built many different variations for our numerous clients, we now have a solid framework for efficiently creating or enhancing your data capabilities.

What’s the secret to launching a data platform that drives values across the business?

Data platforms have witnessed a sharp rise in demand over recent years, particularly in organisations that have adopted a cloud-based digital strategy.

Despite the positives, many data platforms fail due to a lack of best-practice fundamentals.

Oakland has successfully launched data platform initiatives for some of the largest organisations and complex data landscapes in the UK.

We’ve learned what it takes to deliver a data platform that delivers lasting change instead of an expensive pipe dream.

This guide shares our experiences and models of success.

What is included in the guide?

Part 1: What do we mean by a data platform? 
Part 2: Why do you need a data platform? 
Part 3: So you’ve decided to press ahead – what are the challenges you may face? 

Part 4: Assembling your data platform 
Part 5: How Oakland can help you 
Part 6: Real-world examples 
Part 7: Final words of advice

What are the challenges you might face?

  • Excessive Tech-Centric Focus 
  • Departmental Data Silos 
  • Poor Quality Data
  • Lack of Data Governance 
  • Failing to consider the legacy landscape 
  • Not prioritising requirements
  • Creating the case for change

Unlocking your data future

It is impossible to deliver technical projects by technology alone. Your data platform must be delivered as part of a wider change programme where people and process are equally as important as the tech.

From our experience every project is completely unique and challenging.

To learn more about how we can help you launch or relaunch your modern data platform initiative, simply arrange a call with one of our team.

For practical advice on what it takes to deliver a successful data platform, complete with patterns of success to follow and common pitfalls to avoid, download our 47-page guide below.

Since embarking on this data journey, actionable insights have been delivered; together with improved ‘in-year’ forecasting, targeted assurance activity, and process compliance.  Improved data quality has helped unlock reporting and facilitate more advanced analytics.

Murray Leach, Network Rail

Download our guide

Deliver rapid value to your data governance program. Download our in-depth 47-page guide and find out how to improve your business performance, make smarter decisions, and reduce risk.

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