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Data Governance for Humans (and a little for AI)

Build essential capabilities, and seamlessly integrate a culture of data excellence into your organisation’s DNA.

Master the art of data governance in the AI age. Download our ultimate guide.

Why does your organisation need Data Governance?

There is a good chance that data underpins every product, service, or capability in your organisation. At Oakland, we have been delivering data governance initiative’s to some of the UK’s best known organisations for many years. Drawing on our decades of expertise, we’ve honed a practical and successful approach to data governance that elevates data governance from something done begrudgingly to something that everyone in your organisation can get behind.

The primary goal of data governance is to ensure your data assets are managed in a way that aligns with your business goals, regulatory requirements, and industry best practices.

Generative AI introduces unique challenges that demand vigilance. With the introduction of AI regulations and laws, there is no getting round this technology is more demanding than other traditional data solutions, and will require more complex governance.

This guide shares our experiences and models of success.

What is included in the guide?

Part 1: The importance of people-driven data governance

Part 2: The core capabilities of data governance

Part 3: Your data governance strategy

Part 4: Discovery

Part 5: Education

Part 6: Defining your data

Part 7: Data quality

Part 8: Technology & tooling

Part 9: Challenges you’ll need to overcome

Part 10: How Oakland can help

Learn how to build the core capabilities of data governance and sell it into your business

Wherever you are on your data governance journey, Oakland can help you take the next step. We offer a range of customisable services spanning the entire data governance lifecycle. You can choose to engage with us at specific points on your journey, or we can partner with you through the entire process of defining and implementing data governance.

Working with Oakland has been as easy as working with a friend, and as comfortable as working with a mentor; but as valuable as working with a seasoned professional.

Tiana Chan, Business Intelligence Lead, Elvie

Download our guide

Download our ultimate guide. Build essential capabilities, and seamlessly integrate a culture of data excellence into your organisation’s DNA.

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