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Does Microsoft Purview solve the Data Governance Challenge?

Microsoft Purview

Data Governance for the cloud, on-premise, multi-cloud and office 365 workloads.


Most organisations are exploding with data that has been collected, transformed, and reported on, but this data is often not well-tracked as the organisation becomes more data-driven, increasing two pain problems that have been growing for the last few decades:

Data Governance Products help mitigate these problems, among others, but are often complex due to requiring:

These are just some of the main requirements that create a software marketplace full of products that are often expensive and hard to implement and maintain.

These products also need to ingest large amounts of sensitive organisational data to meet user requirements, ironically creating a Data Governance concern in itself!

Purview aims to ease the pain of Data Governance by being feature-rich, easy to deploy, maintain and secure. But is it worth the cost, and can it compete with bespoke Data Governance companies that have a head start measured in years or even decades?

Purviews Features



Automated Data Governance tooling is often not cheap, with costs starting in the thousands of pounds for most products. Purview is no exception: it has a base price of £250 per month and will cost more if scanning large workloads. However extra capacity is costed using the pay as you go model, so you only get charged extra when scanning lots of data.

There are also additional extra costs depending on which features are used.

Due to the pricing being highly variable in Purview, many organisations will build a Proof of Concept to road-test Purview for a month or so to accurately measure costs.


Note this isn’t a comprehensive list and is a quickly evolving space with new exciting start-ups entering all the time.


In an increasingly challenging data governance market, Azure Purview is a serious option to consider despite missing some features compared to more bespoke Data Governance companies.

However, using Purview if you spend hundreds per month or more on Data Governance is not a good return on investment, or you want a solution that easily integrates Data Governance and Quality.

If you are looking for a Data Governance product that is easy to deploy, secure, catalogue, and classify data assets, and provides some customisation through APIs and user interface at a competitive cost, then we think Purview is a good contender.

Jake Watson is a Senior Data Engineer at The Oakland Group