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Redefining Research Quality for this century

The landscape for research quality professionals is dramatically changing. Therefore Oakland Consulting is writing a series of six articles for the Research Quality Association (RQA, http://www.therqa.com). The RQA is the professional membership body providing status and visibility for individuals engaged in the quality of research concerning pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals, chemicals and medical devices. These industry sectors face continuous regulatory changes, the growing impact of regulatory inspection and the ever-changing structure and needs of industry.  As a result, increasing the focus on research quality is essential.

Six articles for Research Quality professionals

The articles will outline what the research quality profession must be thinking about and doing to meet the changing needs.

In outline, the six articles will cover:

• Responding to change by ‘redefining quality’

• Why the answer is not ever more  dogmatic use of philosophies or tools

• How quality professionals must better align with the interests (and language)  of the ‘board’

• Building quality into the  fabric of the business/organisation  and its people

• Making a real difference to the business/organisation – delivering  meaningful change

• Final reflections – quality: a profession with a great future.

Redefining Quality

The first article, available to download,  sets the scene by considering the challenges and sharing a thinking frame for ‘redefining quality’.  First of all, it explains why and how the best of our profession are already changing the way they operate.  We describe how the role of the quality profession should add value to the organisation and should make quality an inseparable aspect of every employee’s performance and responsibility.  With a focus on process rather than functional activities, the article sets out key concerns for quality directors and managers. Most of all, it suggests how to realise a vision of quality as a strategic business management function that will help organisations change their cultures and redefine quality in this century.

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