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Productivity hot seat – Mike Turner

Paul Connolly, MCA Deputy Chief Executive, interviewed Mike Turner recently in the MCA Hot Seat.  The interview is part of the MCA’s Year of Disruption. Disruption can be a whole host of troublesome ‘known unknowns’, which can negatively impact business confidence. Across the Year of Disruption, the MCA is running a series campaigns examining these troublesome ‘known unknowns’.  The first campaign is leading on productivity –  one of the UK’s most major economic challenges.

How to address poor productivity

The UK’s productivity performance is poor. Since 2008, we have lagged behind our major competitors. Expectations that our early adoption of digital and its potential benefits, such as automation, would improve productive output have proved misplaced. Yet digital services related products continues. The largest businesses in the world are data-driven businesses that do not manufacture in a traditional sense.

Mike makes several pertinent points including:

A full video of Mike’s interview is available below. Just click on the play button to watch. Clickon the right hand icon to watch on full screen.