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John Oakland publishes new book for the construction sector

John and his co-author Marton Marosszeky have recently published Total Construction Management: Lean Quality in Construction Project Delivery.

The coming together of lean and quality management thinking has taken place in organizations across many industries, including construction. Practices in procurement, design management and construction management are all evolving constantly. Managers need to understand these changes and how to react to them if they want to be successful. This book provides valuable insights for owners, designers and constructors in the construction sector.

This authoritative book covers issues including procurement, BIM, all forms of waste, construction safety, and design and construction management. All the subject matter is explained with international case studies. It is a perfect guide for managers in all parts of the industry. Equally, it is ideal for those preparing to enter the industry.

Case studies and reviews

The book is full of really useful case studies that should help the construction practitioner apply the learning in their own organisation. Some of the UK-based case studies include the largest high-profile projects we have seen in many decades. These include the Crossrail project in London, the development of Heathrow airport and the work of Highways England in managing our motorways.