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Digital transformation and quality – an expert’s view

In the December issue of Quality World, published by the CQI, John Oakland shares the Oakland Institute’s latest research on companies undergoing digital transformation.  The research is particularly focused on how those companies ensure they can manage the quality of their product or service when digital innovation can bring great change.

The opportunities and risks of digital change

Most people in business have seen the changes in customer behaviour, especially when it comes to using technology to improve their buying power. Price comparison sites to find the best deal, retailers offering price matching on the web, click and collect becoming a common delivery channel. Whilst there are great growth opportunities in both B2C and B2B there are challenges for businesses in managing customer interactions across different channels and ensuring the right quality data is used to feed into capable processes. Data quality within digital transformation has become a central component of  major successful organisations’ strategies as we head towards the 2020s.

Information quality Framework

To address the concerns about data quality, the Oakland Institute has developed information quality engineering frameworks that can provide essential support to digital transformation of businesses. It is the use of such tools that allows many organisations to quickly change and adapt business processes yet know that data quality is not being compromised. Our research suggests it is not the lack of skilled staff or resources – it’s the lack of methods, tools and modelling capabilities that can enable organisations to implement changes faster.

Expert uncut advice

The Oakland Institute’s research has shown that many organisations need to gain access to data strategy approaches, data quality and assurance and tools such as machine learning, data visualisation ai to transform and innovate better (higher quality) and faster (more efficient) in order to generate new growth opportunities and create a significant competitive advantage.