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Big data. What does it all mean?

In today’s world, data and information have become the lifeblood of most organisations. System generated data, people generated data, structured data, unstructured data…it’s what we use to make decisions, build processes, deliver change, and spot risks. However, if that data is unstructured, unprotected and of poor quality, how do we know those decisions are correct?

We believe that the ‘big’ element of ‘big data’ is not the most important factor. What should be of more concern is finding the sweet spot between data quality, data value, process efficiency and business risk – creating operational intelligence. This can help build an understanding of how data should be structured, what processes it relates to, the currency of your data, what risks exist and how to mitigate them. For those organisations where unstructured data is more prevalent, and indeed useful, the balance will be different, but the same components will exist.

Whether it is understanding how to generate the most value from it, building a governance structure to create more assurance of your data, or understanding how to incorporate it into your corporate quality strategy, Oakland can help you make sense of your ‘big’ data issues.

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